Meet Graham

Graham is a prolific artist, writer, author, award-winning and Pulitzer Prize-nominated political cartoonist.

His familiar cartoons and illustrations have appeared in books, magazines, newspapers, advertisements, on clothing, and licensed products around the world for over thirty years.

Graham is the creator of Boneless Chuck, the toy/doll that has been offering friendship, laughter and comfort to people for over 30 years.

"Chuck is my proudest creation."

From Graham.

Laughter has never been more important to our lives than it is today.

It helps relieve the stress, anxiety, and depression all of us are feeling.

Thank you for enjoying my silliness and sharing it with others.

Be safe. Live respectfully. Be kind.

Can One Person Change the World? Yes, You Can.

When interacting with people during these stressful times

it helps to remind yourself:

"Just like me this person is..."

- Seeking happiness in their life.

- Dealing with anxiety and uncertainty.

- Has known sadness, loneliness, and despair.

- Is seeking to meet their needs.

- Trying to stay positive and hopeful.

I'll try if you will!

Smile at a Stranger.

Want to see more of Graham's illustrations and cartoons?

All artwork copyright 2021 Graham Sale. All rights resereved.